Logo created for the United Nations, for a new sub-division under the Tourism council called: The Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

The logo had to represent the importance of sustainable tourism right away.

The solution: Including a line that explains the concepts and becomes part of the logo "Travel Forever".

Along with the logo a print ad campaign was created.

AWARD: Silver Hatch Bowl


Working for the Global Sustainable Tourism Council of the United Nations was really an honor.

They wanted to promote how sustainable tourism can change the world. It can give hope, save endangered species and give people jobs.
The logo’s (created by us) infinity sign celebrates the fact that if we protect the communities we travel to, we can travel forever.

Logo – AWARD: Silver Hatch Bowl


Associate Creative Director / Designer of ads / Logo designer / Conceptualization / Small photo retouching


United Nations – Global Sustainable Tourism Council


Logo, Brand Identity, Print Ads, Web Banners, Posters

Creative Team:

Jonathan Plazonja, Matt Kaiser, Bob Minihan