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Emirates Airline was about to launch service from Toronto to Dubai. They wanted to make a big splash.

Luggage Carrousel - Chauffeur-drive is one of Emirates most important features. We added real luggage in front of a picture of a chauffeur reaching for it.

To launch Emirates Airline in the Toronto market something big needed to be done.

How about the biggest remote control ever with 600 buttons, the amount of channels Emirates has as on-board entertainment?

The problem: Toronto has rules against billboards. Solution:The owner of the building gave the go-ahead to our big remote. Right in the middle of Dundas Square.

The media company presented us with the buy of table in the airport terminal.

It was a challenge as well as an opportunity.

All table tops were made red to create impact. Arrows pointed to specific seats, highlighting plane features like entertainment. For example: one person is a sand-surfer, the other one a channel surfer.

It proved to be very interactive as people started reading them before putting their cups of coffee down.


I helped create these experiences for several big events in Emirates' key cities.

Emirates San Francisco Launch
• This station domination transformed columns into palm trees, evoking Emirates' home city: Dubai

Emirates Toronto Launch
• Here, we took over a luggage carrousel, created a giant remote control wallscape (to highlight over 1,200 channels onboard) and took over tabletops at the airport.

Emirates increases flights in Los Angeles
• We created a fake worker, adding an “S" to "flight” outside LAX airport


ACD / Art Director


Emirates Airline


Wallscape, Ambient Media, Table decals