Lazarus House • New Media

Lazarus House is a local non-profit that depends on donations to improve the lives of Boston’s homeless community.

“Menu Boards”
We created a menu of items that many of Lazarus House’s patrons are sadly familiar with, then placed them around the city. At the bottom the menu board we placed the website address so people can go donate.

As a result, web traffic and volunteers increased. At just $50 a menu board, we were able to help them effectively.

AWARD: Silver Hatch Bowl winner

“Return to Sender”
We created 1,000 custom letters and placed them on park benches, cars and street corners. The letters were “Return to Sender” because no one lived there. The letters were meant to be opened by people on the street. As they opened them, they discovered the message “Return the Homeless Home”.

Web traffic and volunteers increased.

AWARD: Silver Hatch Bowl winner


ACD / Art Director / Conceptualization / Idea Creation


Lazarus House – Boston


Guerilla Marketing, New media

Creative Team:

Sid, Jonathan Plazonja