Palace Resorts are a group of all-inclusive hotels in Mexico and Jamaica.

The ask:
A modern rebrand that broke through the sea of sameness in vacation magazines.

We gave them a unique voice that had “swagger”. We gave them a unique graphic element element: the crest. All living under their existing tagline: “Live the Palace Life”. We also got to do photoshoots to highlight the property with the amazing Dana Neibert. (who has shot Four Seasons Resorts)

Client surprise:
Before we even had print ads, they had compromised a buy of a gigantic unit in Times Square. We got together and made it happen buying stock footage and made Palace look like an amazing place. Check it out!

Second Campaign:
For the second campaign we also wanted to break through the clutter. Using black and white imagery with using just small piece of the resort on the sunglasses, as a reflection. They appear like a more upscale all-inclusive resort.

Travel Agents and consumers started to recognize the brand, the crest. Occupancy rates have been up and stayed up.

Moon Palace brochure award:
Graphis Annual – Merit


Associate Creative Director / Designer of Print Ads / Supervisor of Photo Shoots / Supervisor or Brand Voice and Guidelines


Palace Resorts




Print Ad Campaign, On Property, Logos, Rebrand, Tone

Campaign 1:

Photography by Dana Neibert

Creative Team:

Jonathan Plazonja, Matt Kaiser, Rodolfo Gonzalez, Yamuna Hopwood, Scott Ferguson