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Destination Radio App
What better way to highlight Emirates' 180 destinations than to hear music from each? I helped launch the Emirates Destination Radio, an app that lets people tune into live radio from around the world.

Emirates A380 Launch Screen Takeover
The day Emirates launched their double-decker A380 plane in JFK, we did this takeover of the front page of Emirates.com, to promote the A380's biggest feature: an on-board shower spa. With a mixture of filming and animation, we made it look like the screen was fogging up, just like it would in the shower. The takeover was so successful that it became a global standard for Emirates. Every time a new market launched the A380 they ran the takeover, translated into their own language. (over 14 languages)

Emirates You Tuve Channel
We created a whole online platform to reveal the new Emirates 777. That included 3 online videos with graphics created by me. (one shown above)


Art Director (ACD: Max Pfennighaus)


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