All Sato Rescue (Puerto Rico): Pro Bono (for fun!)

Puerto Rico has a big issue with homeless dogs.
Recently a lot of organizations are saving the stray dogs and sending them to Rescue Shelters in New England.
Sterling Shelter in MA being one of them.

We wanted to highlight that even though these dogs are mutts, they are beautiful and adorable. We used the Republican Debate as the time to launch the social posts. By making them part of what was happening socially with Trump’s stance on immigration we could put them in the forefront.

The posts on Facebook were a success and the clients were excited. More people found out about the “Satos” and wanted to adopt them.

We also produced an experiential idea.
We placed dog bowls around the South End in Boston (very dog friendly neighborhood). The twist: Bowls would say “Carlos” yet the “os” was crossed out. Now he was “Carl”, cause he was in the USA. Meaning that “Love needs no translation”.


Associate Creative Direction / Conceptualization / Creation and supervision of artwork and graphics / Talked directly to the client about the strategy and times to post messages / Produced case study for experiential idea


All Sato Rescue: Puerto Rico (Pro Bono)



Creative Team:

Rodolfo Gonzalez, Jonathan Plazonja