When we got the Foxwoods account it was like a thunderstorm. All of a sudden I was acting as a Creative Director, I had my own team of people to manage. We produced about 15 jobs each day. I learned how to manage people and keep them happy and motivated.

The Strategy: Sell Foxwoods as a Resort rather than just a Casino. We created 6, 15 sec ads, each highlighting a Foxwoods attribute, from the great restaurant options, to shopping and entertainment. We used comedy as a method to deliver the message and at the end we modernized the Foxwoods song.

For print we created a branding campaign called “Wonderstruck”, where each person is struck by a moment of Wonder or amazement. Also created simple card ads for special events at the casino, or to celebrate LGBT week.

As an initiative, my brother and I, got a Producer and DJ (one of the best in the world) to recreate the old Foxwoods jingle. It has never been used but we thought it would bring the brand to the new millenium. (Take a listen)

Card print ads:
AWARD: Hatch Award, Silver


Creative Director / Art Director / Team Leader of 15 people / Conceptualization / Management / Energy and Inspiration Source


Foxwoods Resort Casino




TV • Print • Music • Social • POP • On Property signage • Web Banners

Creative Team:

Steve Connelly, Steve Curran, Rodolfo Gonzalez, Yamuna Hopwood, Francesca Mastromarino, Allan Woolwine