Salem Five Bank Rebranding

Salem Five Bank wanted a whole brand overhaul.
We came up with a new more human tagline:
“Let’s Uncomplicated Money”.

People, regardless of age or race, think money is hard to manage, and we wanted to reach them somehow. Visually, we wanted the campaign to be really empathetic and different. The black and white portraits of people just focus on their eyes “the key to your soul”. The blue circle is meant to be a thought bubble where people express their inner thoughts. (in this case about money)

We did a lot of station dominations, in train posters, commuter rail signs, all social media and even their first tv commercial they had done in 5 years.

Banks are not easy, this was a pleasure to work with, they let us explain the Human Truths related to money.


Associate Creative Director / Art Director / Design / Conceptualization / Idea Creation / Social Media Ideation


Salem Five Bank


December 2016


Print, TV, Social Campaign, Station Domination, Wall Designs, Social Videos

Creative Team:

Jonathan Plazonja, Michelle Ellis